Meet Tia Lewis, your dedicated Mortgage and Real Estate professional with an impressive background spanning nearly a decade. With close to 5 years of experience in the mortgage industry and over 7 years as a seasoned Realtor, Tia brings a wealth of expertise to every client interaction.

Tia’s journey began in the vibrant state of Florida, but her upbringing as a military brat led her to traverse the diverse landscapes of the USA. This upbringing not only instilled adaptability and resilience in her character but also a deep appreciation for the value of finding a place to call home.

As a devoted mother to a beautiful baby girl born in April 2023, Tia understands the significance of finding the perfect home for growing families. Her commitment to community service and support further underscores her dedication to creating positive living environments for her clients.

Licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator in Maryland and Virginia, and as a Realtor in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Tia’s multi-state licensure is a testament to her commitment to providing comprehensive assistance throughout the entire real estate journey.

Tia’s passion lies in educating her clients about the intricate world of real estate and mortgages. By empowering her clients with knowledge, she helps them make informed decisions that pave the way for building generational wealth for themselves and their families. Drawing from her personal experience as a cancer survivor for over 25 years, Tia understands the significance of living in the moment while also making choices that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

With a background as a scientist spanning more than 15 years, Tia possesses a unique ability to blend her analytical skills with her passion for real estate. Her innovative approach to problem-solving and her determination to create the perfect formula for guiding clients through the home buying process has earned her the affectionate title of the “Mad Scientist of Real Estate.”

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Tia Lewis is the professional you can trust to provide you with unparalleled guidance and support. Her dedication, expertise, and genuine care for her clients set her apart in the real estate and mortgage landscape, making her an invaluable partner on your journey to finding your dream home and securing your financial future.